Lessons & Workshops

Music Lessons with Searra Jade

Guitar, bass, voice, songwriting

All ages and levels!

Focusing on:
♫ Improvising and jamming with others
♫ Ear training

♫ Singing harmonies
♫ Applicable music theory
♫ Timing and groove
♫ Scales and modes
♫ Songwriting and composition
♫ Right & left hand techniques (finger- picking, alternate tunings, percussive playing)
♫ Various musical styles (including folk, jazz, bossa nova, funk, bluegrass, rock)
♫ Tailored to student’s interests and goals

Searra offers lessons out of her home in Barnardsville (roughly 15 minutes north of Asheville) and is able to travel to the student’s home too for an additional $5.
Reasonable rates – $25 for half hour, $35 for 45 minutes, $40 for an hour

Searra is a fun, patient and experienced teacher and is enthused to share her musical knowledge and skills with whomever desires to learn.

Email her at booking@searrajade.com to set up a lesson!


Music Workshops

Vocal Play and Improv

In this workshop, we will playfully explore the diverse capabilities and ranges of the human voice.  Through exercises and games, we will enter a state of non-thinking, non-judgmental creativity and let loose and weave together our voices to communicate and create spontaneous works of sound art.  The goal of this workshop is to allow yourself to become like hollow bamboo – a vessel for divine creativity to pour through!


Awakening Harmony: Synching our voices to connect our spirits

How can singing in harmony help us feel closer and more connected to one another and the earth? Come see/feel/listen for yourself as we dive into an ocean of sound waves, melding our voices, getting to know different intervals, improvising, and learning rounds and other songs with built in harmony parts. In this workshop we will explore harmony from a basic music theory and acoustics standpoint as well as an intuitive approach, as we are all musical beings with great harmonious capabilities once we learn to listen and trust our ears!

email booking@searrajade.com if you are interested in hosting one of these workshops!  

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