searragreenEarthy "Philosopholk" from the heart of Appalachia

Searra Jade is a songwriter, performer and songleader based in the mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina.  Her "singer-songwriter"-defying music spans many genres and is perhaps best put into a nutshell sounding like "jazzy-philosopholk."  Her song content is equally diverse as her musicality, as she writes about everything from fermentation to composting to healing ancestral grief to contemplating infinity, and seeing Searra perform live is a dynamically interactive and story-filled experience. Beyond performing and writing, as Searra is also a private music lesson instructor and facilitates workshops on vocal improvisation and group singing, with the goals of facilitating harmony and tapping into the playful and spontaneous music-maker spirits inside of all of us!

Searra is involved in starting up a new permaculture/performance art project called "Saplings for Schoolyards," planting edible forest gardens in schools around North Carolina.  Click here to read more and to contribute to the crowd-funding campaign!