Searra Jade is as versatile of a musician as she is songweaver, sculpting intricately melodic compositions influenced by bossa-nova, swing, Appalachian old-time, blues and “that Joni Mitchell genre.”  Seeing Searra perform live is a dynamically interactive, humorous and story-filled experience.  Her compositions are stitched together by poignantly positive (and often humorous) lyrics on topics ranging from composting and fermentation to contemplating infinity, and her creatively groovy guitar parts utilize open tunings, harmonics, percussive techniques and warm jazzy chords.  Thus she certainly defies the confines of "singer-songwriter" and perhaps her music is best put into a nutshell sounding something like "jazzy philosopholk."

When Searra is not playing music, she can be found either planting fruit trees, making fermented foods, frolicking in the woods or in her garden, or getting friends or strangers to play silly games.  All of those passions of hers seep their way into her songs and bubble up with effervescence to tickle the ears of those who will stop to listen.

Searra has been spotted playing in many different kinds of habitats - from playing at fancy wine bars with her ever-morphing jazz trio/quartet, Searra & the Jazzy Folk, to sweet concerts in gardens or parks, to rocking it out solo on her loop pedal at jam-packed pizza breweries - but her absolute favorite venue by far is serenading a sleepy 5am cuddle puddle!

Beyond performing and writing, as Searra is also a private music lesson instructor and facilitates workshops on vocal improvisation and group singing, with the goals of facilitating harmony and tapping into the playful and spontaneous music-maker spirits inside of all of us!

For Booking Contact booking@searrajade.com

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